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Facilities of Interviews and Correspondence
1. To the newly convicted (i) Reasonable facility by the Jail Superintendent for interviewing the friends and relatives and communicating with them for making appeal or for seeking bail.
(ii) Reasonable facility to the prisoners under death sentence to communicate and interview with his legal advisors, friends and relatives (Rule 675)
2. To all convicted prisoners (1) Remission on good behavior
(2) Facility to write a letter once in a month.
(3) Facility of one additional letter, which shall not be interchangeable.
(4) Facility of first interview and communication at any time.
(5) Facility of interview and communication upon transfer to other jail before such transfer. (676)
3. Special relaxations (1) At one time more than three persons shall not be permitted to interview.
(2) In special cases the Jail Superintendent may grant permissions with-in less duration.
(3) Despite bad behaviour of the prisioners in special cases or urgent cases such as illness death etc. relaxation shall be given by the jail Superintendent in the interview and communication.
4. To the under trial By the Jail Superintendent
(1) Reasonal facility of interview of communication with the friends, relatives and legal advisors to the civil and under trial prisoners on the condition of good behaviour (692)


5. Procedure of interview time and place

1. Application for interview (1)   Application for interview with the prisoners in writing or orally as per the description of the jail Superintendent.
(2) In the cases of the under trial prisoners to the legal advisors with reasonable details upon application in writing (696)
2. Time Normal time permitted for interview shall be 20 minutes
3. Procedure Interview with the convicted prisoners in the presence of Jail officers . In the cases of under trial prisoners the presence of Jail officer not required (682 & 696)
4. Search Search of every prisoner ( convicted and under trial) shall be made before and after the interview


Facility of Interview and Communication to the Detenue
1. Interview Application shall be made to the District Magistrate by whom the order of detention of his been made.
2. Place and duration Superintendent shall give the permission of interview with the relative for maximum one hour and with any other person for maximum half and hour
3. Search search shall be made before and after the interview
4. Procedure The interview shall be made in the absence of such officer in such a position who can see and hear
5. Right of the District to permit interview in special circumstance Not more than once in 15 days and during during the interview more than 3 persons not permitted


Following Information Shall Not be Given

1. Information regarding court cases
2. Information regarding transfer of the dreaded/habitual prisoners on administative grounds.
3. Information regarding to the security arrangements of the special prisoners



Diet Information to Prisoners

1. How much diet Chart enclosed
2. How many medical people and how much facilities Chart enclosed
3. Provisions when some one dies in prisons The prisons Act., 1894 (15) and Madhya Pradesh Jail Manual, 1968 Rule-920- Enquiry and report regarding Sudden or violent death or suicide.  Report of serious illness or death to District Magistrate, Rule- 844.
4. Use of force against any prisoner or body or prisoners in the case of an out break or an attempt to escape. Madhya Pradesh Jail Manual, 1968, Rule –754, 755, 756, 757 & 758
5. Remission and reduction of Sentenses Rule - 698,699
(i) Qualification for Special remission Rule – 711
(ii) Who may award special remission Rule – 712
(iii) State Remission Rule – 714 State remission is awarded by the State Government on occasion of the public rejoicing.It is Granted unconditionally under section 432 (1) Criminal procedure code and can not under any circumstances by for feited
(iv) Maximum remission awardable Rule–715 The total remission awarded to a prisoner excluding state remission under this rules shall not, without the special sanction of the State Government exceed 1/3 part of his sentence.
(v) Publication of remission system Rules Rule–722 On abstract of the remission, system rules translated in to Hindi, shall be posted of in every barrack and shall be read to be prison every Sunday by a paid warder or an educated prisoner.
6. Leave Parole The prisoners (M.P.Amedment) Act, 1985 ( No. 10 of 1985) Part – VI- A leave and emergency leave to prisoners.

31 – A : Grant of leave to Prisoners (1) Subject to the provisions to this part and to such conditions as may be prescribed, the State Government or any authority to which the State Government may delegate its powers in this behalf may grant leave to any prisoner who has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than three years, for a period not exceeding twenty one days in a year, excluding the time required for journey to the first place of his visit immediate after departure from the prison and from the place of last visit to the person back.

(i) Under M.P. Prisoners leave Rules -1989 Prisoners may avail parole (Temporary release) two times in a year for 21 days
Sanctioned authority for first leave District Magistrate
(ii) Subsequent leave Director General & Inspector General of Prisons
(iii) Emergency leave 15 (A) – The District Magistrate shall be competent to grant Emergency leave but the prisoner availed the leave The Superintendent shall be competent to grant emergency leave.
Period of Emergency leave 15 (B) The period of emergency leave shall be excepted 15 days in the case of death and 10 days in the case of marriage excluding the time require for journey on release may be granted for a prisoner in case of death after spouse son, daughter, father, mother, brother & sister paternal of maternal grand father, or grand mother of in case of his or her own marriage or in the marriage office of his/ her son, daughter, brother & sister.
7. Probation officers / welfare officers services The probation and welfare officers are posted in Central and District jails. They are key workers in penal and correctional institutions, they deal with case histories, classification, committee works, treatment programs, educational & recreational programmes, They deal with padole pre- mature elease case, they also attained eligible cases of conditional release of prisoners under the Madhya pradesh Prisoners release on probation Act, 1954 and the rules their under.
8. Legal aid to prisoners Law officer have been posted in Central Jails to look after the work regarding Criminal appeals, legal petitions etc. applications are needy male/ women prisoners for defending their cases in regular Criminal courts forwarded to the District legal officer for penal advocates and legal counseling.
9. Industries and payment of convicts In Madhya pradesh Jail following Industries are working :-
  1. Knitting
  2. Printing Press/Offset printing
  3. Soap industry
  4. Bamboo Industry
  5. Soap detergent/Phenyl industry
  6. Wood carving
  7. Doll making
  8. Steel industry
  9. Chalk industry
  10. Boutik Print and printing industry
  11. Sculpture industry
  12. Carpentry industry
  13. Plastic kan industry
  14. Grass mates industry
  15. Leather industry
  16. Condiments industry
  17. Screen Printing
  18. Book Binding
  19. Smithy Industry
  20. Seat metal work industry
  21. Brass metal works
  22. Weaving, Darry, Niwar, Kalin industry.
  23. Spices industry
  24. Mushroom cultivation
  25. Hand made paper unit
  26. Motor winding unit
  27. Cow husbandry
Wages System
To encourage prisoners on undergoing vocational training in different trades they are paid wages as incentive as the Government from time to time. Rebelling wage structure came to effect from 1999 in pursuance of the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court of India. Skilled Rs. 10.00 for half day unskilled Rs. 8/- for half day, prisoners working in agriculture and minor work in jails for 6 hrs. Rs. 8/- for half day.
10. Prison Offences The prisons Act. 1894 Section-45 deals with prison offences and Rule 46 deals with punishment of such prison offences Madhya Pradesh Jail Manual. 1968 Rule- 723, 724 deals with punishment of prison offences by loss of previlages admissible under remission system
11. Women prisoners and their children M. P. Jail Manual 1968 Rule- 401,402, 403, 404, 405 & 406 Rule – 522 (iii), Rule – 535- diet for mothers with children confined along with them. Rule–536–diet for female prisoners, when pregnant.
12. Prohibited Articles Prohibited Articles define and punishment for introduction. Madhya Pradesh Jail Manual, 1968, Rule 570, 572 & 573
13. Doll Museum It was thought that those women prisoners, who belong to the Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes and backward classes and those who come from rural surroundings and at present undergoing long term imprisonment should be given training in making attractive dolls. Services of Smt. Dafal who is nationally and internationally famous artist in this field, have been obtained with the co-operation of Madhya Pradesh Hasthilp Vikas Nigam for giving a concrete shape to this scheme. Under this scheme, 34 women prisoners form different jails of the state have been transferred to the old Central Jail, Bhopal and they are being training in making attractive and life-like- dolls from 20-3-1995. The period of training is six months, But its continous upto one year is under consideration. Every women prisoner is being given a stipend of Rs. 350/- per month by the Hastshilp Vikas Nigam. It is proposed to sell the dolls made in the jails from the jails and through the Hostshilp Vikas Nigam. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has sanctioned Rs. 5.00 Lacs in the initial stage to the Jail Department for the Doll museum. The work is in progress.


Useful Plans & services for

1. Sells of Various goods prepared by prisoners of Central Jails.
2. Use of Jail bands for matrimonial occasions .

Medical Facilities to prisoners

Prisoner at work